Insurance Replacement Appraisals for the day to day protection and documentation of your fine jewelry. This is especially important for jewelry which can be valued at thousands of dollars. Most homeowner insurance policies provide payment if you lose items of personal property through fire or theft; however, there are limits as to how much you will be paid unless you have your valuables specifically listed and their values confirmed by a legitimate appraisal prior to the loss.
Estate Appraisals are required by the Federal government (if the estate is over a certain amount). They are necessary to determine Fair Market Value for the Inheritance taxes on the estate. It is important to have a qualified appraiser because errors in tax appraising can result in penalties to the client. 


Equitable Distribution Appraisals are often needed to evenly divide jewelry as with divorce appraisals. The appraiser is instrumental in assigning correct values to be used in dividing valuable jewelry accurately.


Divorce Appraisals are needed to properly divide property between the spouses. The division is often based on the professional work of a qualified appraiser.


Comparison Appraisals are usually used by clients to identify and verify gems and jewelry that they have recently purchased or are contemplating purchasing. We are independent of any retail establishments and can give you an unbiased opinion of value that reflects the average current market price as well as verifying the quality and identity of the jewelry.


Charitable Donation Appraisals are required by the Internal Revenue Service if the donation is worth more than $5,000.00. In order to ensure their appropriate tax deduction with the strict IRS procedures and changing legislation, it is essential that a donor hire a qualified outside appraiser for all government related appraisals.


Resale Appraisals are often used by clients to determine the available markets in which to sell their jewelry and the most common price they can expect to sell their jewelry for in the market.


Verbal Approximation of Value is used by individuals who do not need a written appraisal report but would like someone to go through their jewelry box and separate the costume from the fine jewelry and the diamonds from the cubic zirconia. 


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